Como Procurement operates in Northern Italy - between Milan and Venice - helping its clients to obtain the best Made in Italy bespoke products for their high-end interiors and home decor projects.


Made in Italy

Creativity and inventiveness, the essence of Italian workmanship. Italian craftsmanship encapsulates the ability to solve executive problems with flexibility. The specialists within Como Procurement stand out for their entirely Italian way of thinking on their feet, responding with creative brilliance to clients’ requests. All with an eye to optimized engineering, and sustainability as a mission.


Good quality will save the world in time. Como Procurements team of professionals invest their time and diligence to complete a project, resulting in exceptional quality. Made in Italy furniture and furnishings have been perfected to high standards of quality and durability. This will allow your interiors to withstand the test of time both sustainably and with style.


Respect and reliability are the cornerstones founding and leading our customer service practices. This integrity is important in establishing the trust and confidence necessary to assist our clients. Como Procurement will treat your project as its own, a very important concept of comfort in Italian culture, as their customers come before everything else.