Como Procurement provides a procurement service and manufacturing consultancy for your high-end residential projects. Italian quality and know-how is at the heart of Como Procurement.

A selected group of suppliers, the guardians of invaluable expertise, the perfect combination of memory and experimentation. From there, unmistakable, inimitable work arises, the fruit of experience and advanced technology.

We take care of all the complexities of the procurement process, saving you time and money. Our deep understanding of the qualities of each brand means we can find the perfect solution to suit your style.

Over the years we have developed a ‘one-stop-shop’ procurement service to cover every need – furniture for the living and dining room, for the bedroom, a full range of outdoor furniture, carpets and decorative lighting. Because of the huge range we supply, we can put together a full furniture scheme to suit your taste, design, budget and required delivery time.

We are also dedicated to researching new craftsmen, materials and new manufacturing processes in order to offer clients a service that selects, procures and produces exclusive design objects for high-end residential applications.

Our team of experts will deliver the products on site with a white glove service. We guarantee the maximum attention during the entire shipping process, through our freight forwarder specialised in the transport of high-end furniture, which may be by sea or by air depending on the project timeline.